Enabling Endless Possibilities with 5G and Blockchain
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Enabling Endless Possibilities with 5G and Blockchain

By CIOReview | Monday, July 8, 2019

The powerful combination of blockchain and 5G has the potential to unleash the sea of economic progress.

FREMONT, CA: The implication of 5G gives a new direction to the innovative world of Internet of Things (IoT). 5G features low latency, high speed, and capacity, which will allow the IoT to explore vast and new capabilities. Layering the blockchain technology with 5G can attribute to grip the security by decentralization of IoT devices.

The IoT transactions and payment channels can take full advantage of the security provided by the blockchain, and robust network capacity powered by 5G. 5G helps blockchain to record and block in a shorter time, proceeding to the following transaction information. Blockchain combined with 5G can revolutionize the way of verifications and values of transmission over the existing infrastructure of telecommunication subscribers. The blockchain architecture aligned with 5G will provide broad coverage and also control the cost of communication. Enacting the integration to all the distribution, the tech system will allow more security, autonomous, and profitable operations.

As the world employs digital services to transform into a smart place, the risk of cyber attacks and fraud is equally growing. 5G and blockchain architectures together enable transparent, secure, and reliable infrastructures of digital services in smart cities. Maximizing public assets with collaborative ownership will add values like authentic identity, protection of sensitive data, and manage access to city facilities. Smart devices with real-time data will help users to negotiate and get accurate information making way for automatic monitoring by car sensors with traffic updates, data mining across devices for cryptographical protections, fast and easy content distribution by minimizing the streaming time and accelerating smooth data transfer.

Both of them carry the potential to benefit each other. As blockchain supports 5G in terms of functionality and data protection, on the other hand, 5G can facilitate latency reduction for shorter block time. The impact of blockchain technology added with 5G will directly value to the customers, bypassing the service intermediaries. With access to customize and transparent services, the world will improve in terms of digital efficiency and pushes the boundaries to the endless possibilities for generations ahead.

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