Enabling Robust Networking Solutions through Netscout PFS 6010

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 24, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The network monitoring switch marketplace has been evolving rapidly over the past several years. Going with the trend, Netscout systems, a leading real time service assurance and cyber security solutions announced the launch of Packet Flow Switch, the PFS 6010 hardware. The PFS 6010 provides robust solutions to the organizations that manage large encounters. The hardware also enhances service accessibility, performance management, application management and additional security systems by scaling access to network traffic.

The PFS 6010 features 6Tbps non-blocking fabric configuration with port density of 60 to 600 ports in a single chassis. The advanced packet conditioning capabilities includes packet slicing, header stripping and de-duplication to ensure efficient management of the systems.

The HIS Infonetics Research estimates the growth of 100G monitoring switch port market to  grow by 106% annually. PFS 6010 slashes the issues related to port contention, limited number of access ports, and speed mismatches by maintaining proper monitoring and security policies by existing 10G/1G tools. It also helps service providers and large scale enterprises to migrate to 40G and 100G networks respectively by combining attributes like high density, scalability and flexibility.

Key features and capabilities of the PFS 6010 include: Massive scalability that supports large datacenters and mobile network deployments. Advanced flexibility, that easily accommodates various traffic types and requirements from 1G, 10G, 40G to 100G, with add-on aggregation, replication, load balancing and advanced packet conditioning functionality.  The highly modular 15RU 10-slot chassis, allows easy deployment of blades on speeds, port density and functionality by selecting the blades based on the choices.

“This is a strategic expansion of our portfolio, enabling packet flow switches to scale to the needs of the worlds largest and most innovative service providers who need application visibility,” said Brian McCann, Vice President and General Manager, NETSCOUT.