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Enabling Smart Options in Project Management

By CIOReview | Friday, November 16, 2018

While advancements through technology-driven applications have made businesses run efficiently, the project management keeps changing conceivably. Within the last 20 to 30 years, evolution in the latest software technologies, hardware, and sensor technologies has led the world of project management towards automated technologies. By enabling new concepts, the expectations of customers have also increased. The net results captured from individual project teams can achieve high results with minimal time consumption.

In the context of project management, there is always risk involved to deliver a product quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, time-to-market is also playing a pivotal role in analyzing the potential changes, and providing opportunities in the process.  To achieve easier collaboration, several aspects have been derived to make project management easier. The primary aspect of technological emergence is the deployment of AI and machine learning to complete the day-to-day task in an automated manner. Furthermore, tracking and reporting can be achieved independently through augmented intelligence technologies.Top Project Management Consulting/Services Companies

Software robots can be used to develop project management plans efficiently, through a few simple, high-end parameters, and are used to allocate tasks intelligently. Furthermore, with AI-driven bot technologies, the applications can learn from datapoints they consume and deliver certain critical measures for the improvement of the organization. The same technique can be deployed using predictive analysis, to determine the risk involved and efficiently achieve the task.

However, with effective project management being too expensive and labor intensive, cloud-based software Clarizen has been developed to manage cloud-based project management technology cost-effectively and efficiently.

In olden days, the manual process of gathering updates about stakeholders, the project plan is found to be an expensive and time-consuming process. However, cloud-based technology has made it easier through automated online task status to check the issues, and alert the team about those internal issues. Furthermore, developers and project managers being in different states located in multiple cities and time zones can develop and maintain project management software with less time consumption and improve the overall operation speed of the system.

The blockchain and Clarizen cloud collaboration tools have facilitated to adopt better social collaboration tools to ease and minimize the time consumed in the project management process.  In the future, these changes are likely to be completely dynamic and may soon change the way project management is handled.

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