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Endpoint Security Questions that every Organizations should take into Consideration

By CIOReview | Monday, July 18, 2016

Navigating through the endpoint security domain can be a disconcerting task, considering the threat exposure introduced by the complexity involved with growing number of enterprise endpoints. Every time a remote connection is established through any device with the network, a potential threat point is created. Endpoint security solutions play a significant role in such scenarios, and seals every possible security breach created in the interest of device connectivity.

The primary concern surrounding any business is based on the grounds of controlling the innumerable array of devices from possible breaches and loss of sensitive data. In a typical endpoint security setup, the server does the job of authenticating logins from endpoints, and updates the device software whenever needed. Although, the security solutions for endpoint management differs from vendor to vendor, there are some common offerings that most of these vendors furnish, viz. antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and an additional Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS).

Endpoint security, as discussed above plays a very significant role in protecting the system from potential threats introduced by the extensive and multiple device connections. It is highly essential for entrepreneurs to take endpoint security into consideration and integrate the same into their existing workflow. Recognizing the importance of endpoint security, here is a list of questions businesses should find answers for from their vendors before they buy the solution.

1. Does the product help in reducing time, effort, and cost encountered in managing IT security for a company?

Businesses have to make sure that the solution effectively prevents threats without incurring any overburdening expenses. Moreover, the whole idea behind integrating such a solution is not just to address security needs, but also to save time so as to meet deadlines and simplify the process. Customers should take more time analyzing all these factors, because integration of the appropriate solution will help earn more benefits instead of adding costs.

2. If there is an existing endpoint security product, in what scenario should a company change the solution?

To answer this question, you need to thoroughly examine every minute aspect concerning the workflow. Before considering changing the security product, firms must find out what the existing solution lacks and what specific demands need to be met for streamlining operations in the workflow. Moreover, there is an alarming concern to evaluate the old solution. Present day security scenario has evolved a lot, and so has the nature of breaches. Organization must concentrate on following up with those trends and install the most appropriate security policy to address those evolving needs.

3. Does the product satisfy an organization’s business needs?

Answering this question depends strictly on scrutinizing company’s ability to handle all the endpoints, from any place and at any instance by just using the opted solution. Depending on the size of the business, solutions can be chosen to address the complexity involved in the business process. Most importantly, it’s absolutely necessary to make sure that the product is scalable to your use or for end users. An efficient solution is one which guarantees an all-in-one, managed suite to protect against today’s complex web-based threats in a cost-effective manner.

4. How to ensure complete system security in a company?

The solution must ideally offer support to all the endpoints comprising of desktops, servers, mobile PCs, and home PCs which can be connected through VPN. This particular question takes various types of defenses into account, viz. anti-virus, anti-spyware, heuristic capabilities, and data leakage protection.

5. What is the impact created on operations?

Companies now look for solutions that nurture the ability to silently and automatically displace the old security system. Enterprise’s overall day-to-day efficiency is expected to scale considerably. Organization must be able to orchestrate simple-to-create policies to effectively check threats and prevent users from making expensive mistakes.

6. Is the solution completely capable of resisting new threats and protect data?

When endpoint security is the issue being talked about, companies strictly resort to solutions which are both cost-effective as well as efficient in providing desired level of data protection security. An important question that however needs to be answered is- if the product can be upgraded on a regular basis, in real-time. This is an era where the concept behind endpoint security has transitioned from safeguarding against e-mail borne viruses to the new threats exposed today. Organizations have to install solutions which can easily comprehend the vulnerability situation and have a pre-devised response plan for tackling the breach. Organizations must ensure if the solution can prevent data loss while reinforcing device control.

7. How will typical day at the organization seem after getting the product?

An Organization’s job will become more organized and efficient with the integration of endpoint security, helping to generate more work in less time. Organized workflow will allow businesses to view and mange all the endpoints from a single interface, and furnish necessary information. Dashboard, automated alerts, and reporting tools are some of the features organizations should look for when buying an endpoint security solution. The organization will be able to obtain real-time protection with frequent updates, and an array of cloud-based services

8. Will the product dissatisfy the end users?

The fundamental objective of businesses lie at delivering utmost capabilities for the services rendered to the customers. Firms have to ensure that the product stays out of the user’s way to reduce the number of service calls. The product has to forge flexibility for the administrator to exercise transparent protection for some users, and give more control to few others over the security environment.

9. What is the nature of support provided in case of an issue?

It is absolutely important to make sure the solution you are employing doesn’t make you wait for long when the support is desired. Another key detail is to ensure if the product integrates features such as web, chat, and phone support into the solution.

10. What are the additional facts I need to know to choose the right solution?

Before reaching a concrete decision regarding choosing the solution, it’s a wise thing to check for reports in blogs and forums from others and industry experts. Users can seek third-party evaluation to check the effectiveness of the product, by running examination that focuses on real-world, whole-product testing rather than simplistic synthetic tests.

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