End-to-End SAP Monitoring Solution

By CIOReview | Monday, May 9, 2016
David Link, CEO and Co-founder, ScienceLogic

David Link, CEO and Co-founder, ScienceLogic

RESTON, VA: ScienceLogic, a provider in IT monitoring software for the Internet of Everything (IoE), recently released SAP monitoring software, enabling customers to solve critical SAP application performance challenges. The company’s fully integrated SAP solution augments business stability and diminishes the hazard of poor performance, which may have serious impact on customer’s workflow processes. It also performs SAP vulnerability assessment along with outages, and degradation evaluation.

The solution also includes features such as SAP performance management, as well as simple information based user interface. The product mechanically scrutinizes integration with the ScienceLogic platform as well as offer all-inclusive dashboards for administrative and technological level customers. The new solution eases SAP admins from monotonous and tedious processes by using real-time monitoring of SAP Netweaver system, and produces automatic network examination reports. Adding to these benefits, ScienceLogic’s unique SAP platform scrutinizes the entire IT infrastructure layers that include network, server, SAP application, and SAP HANA. Over 20,000 global service providers, enterprises, and government organizations rely on ScienceLogic to significantly enhance their IT operations on a daily basis.

“The flexibility of the ScienceLogic platform architecture empowers us to cater to any requirement of our customers while offering low maintenance costs which directly reduce operational costs,” says David Link, CEO and Co-founder, ScienceLogic. “Clients, technology partners, and ScienceLogic work together as a team. We are a customer-centric organization and always will be.”

ScienceLogic delivers total visibility to the client’s on-premise infrastructure with extensive device support ranging over 1,500 PowerApps. Businesses can monitor their physical infrastructure through network, storage and application monitoring to server and OS along with video conferencing monitoring.