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End-to-end Test Automation Platform

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 5, 2016
Zhiwei Jiang, Global Head of Insights and Data, Capgemini Financial Services

Zhiwei Jiang, Global Head of Insights and Data, Capgemini Financial Services

NEW YORK, NY: Capgemini—a technology, consulting and outsourcing company has announced the release of an automated testing platform for organizations operating in finance industry. The company’s latest solution, Intelligent Test Automation Platform is built on robotics, business intelligence and analytics framework to assist enterprises for agile and scriptless development. This platform will help companies to rapidly provide new services and products by reducing the time of test cycle while delivering better collaboration between test operations and development teams. “We have got the knowledge and repository within our intellectual property as well as the expertise of our risk team,” says Zhiwei Jiang, Global Head of Insights and Data, Capgemini Financial Services.

Capgemini’s Intelligent Test Automation Platform is an innovative step towards helping capital markets firms, insurers, and banks to solve problems and inefficiencies involved in testing. This solution integrates assets of financial institutions to give them complete information regarding what and how long to test resulting in reduced waste, in testing lifecycle that ensures overall quality analysis (QA) savings between 20 to 30 percent.

Adding to these benefits, the platform allows businesses to perform parallel assessment, automate test resource management, and continuous evaluation on any IT infrastructure that is on-premises, on the cloud, or on any server farm. Unit test results, prediction algorithms, and code coverage analysis is utilized in this platform to enhance the quality of test packs for reducing time and effort wastage. Capgemini’s solution is equipped with a built-in design and execution environment feature along with multiple touch points, offering various automation frameworks and solutions in a single unified system.

The company’s financial management software uses agile and computerized design frameworks for mechanizing test scenarios and middleware services to enable quick testing and certification. It also enables its users to improve visibility across the enterprise deployment chain and provide a continuous delivery solution to meet critical DevOps challenges.