End-to-End Wealth Management Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Thomas McMackin Senior Vice President &General Manager, SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc,

Thomas McMackin Senior Vice President &General Manager, SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc,

WINDSOR, CT: SS&C Technologies, a provider of investment and financial software-enabled services for the global financial industry, announced the recent upgrade to its Global Wealth Platform (GWP), a wealth management solution. The company has enhanced the GWP suite with the capabilities of cloud-based investment management service. GWP helps treasury managers to augment data precision, decrease costs and obtain more funds discounting improvement of operational headcount. Adding to these capabilities, the new enhancement will assists the wealth management industry to effectively scrutinize and evaluate taxable and non-taxable accounts to locate probable financial risks and prospects.

This latest advancement is vital to facilitate treasury managers to stay on top of their clients’ portfolios and formulate more knowledgeable investment decisions, while providing elevated client service levels. It also includes noteworthy augmentations for active investment policy statement (IPS) management, allowing the capture and storage of numerous iterations of the IPS.

SS&C Technologies’ end-to-end and fully integrated solutions are vastly utilized and specially designed for customers to operate efficiently on capital markets, money markets and treasury activities. The solutions are functionally rich and enterprise wide, and provide support for the trading and carrying out middle and back-office operations of financial institutions. “Our suite of treasury solutions allow financial organizations to consolidate their trade processing, risk management, and settlement processing all on one system,” says Tom McMackin, Senior Vice President, SS&C Technologies. “We will continue to advance our solutions and offer upgrades that will help customers automate repetitive tasks and streamline manual processes to minimize risk and boost productivity.”