Energy Source Provides LED Based Energy Solutions for Dunkin Dollar

By CIOReview | Friday, July 31, 2015

PROVIDENCE, RI: National DCP (National Grid and Digital Lumens) and Energy Source Providence Rhode Island worked on re-lighting the whole NDCP facility with an energy conserving design. An important partner in this project was NationalGrid, especially by contributing through their Utility Incentive Program.

The project at NDCP took over 5 weeks to complete with zero interruption to production. The work consisted of the removal of antiquated High Intensity Fluorescents and re-design and installation of highly efficient LED lighting. The lighting result was  optimized light levels to match the tasks and operations in various parts of the building and along with drastic reduction in energy consumption levels. “The energy savings are enormous, the aesthetics are better; the lamp life is exponentially greater. they provide better color performance, lamp flicker is eliminated, the operation is silent, they suffer very low lumen degradation over time and the warm-up associated with fluorescents in conditioned environments is not present in LED” points out Gabriel Andreson, the energy conservation consultant who fielded the project for Energy Source.

Another important benefit of LED is the ability to incorporate intelligent controls, a technology implemented on the NDCP project. Web based software monitors occupancy levels and turns off lights in unused areas. This was particularly effective on this project as the facility operates on a 24 hour production schedule. Smart controls known as “Daylight Harvesting” are also enabled wherein light output is automatically regulated based on the availability of ambient light in a building. LED fixtures can be programmed to gain in brightness when natural light is low, and throttle back during brighter times of day. This capacity for fine tuning results in significant additional energy savings opportunities.