ENERGY STAR Certification Strengthens Dot Hill Effort to Deliver Additional Environmental Savings

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 23, 2015

LONGMONT, CO: Real-time hybrid storage company, Dot Hill announced its ENERGY STAR certification for AssuredSAN 3004 and 4004 hybrid storage arrays. The system provides cost savings with less environmental impact, by significantly reducing energy and cooling requirements.

AssuredSAN has raised the bar in setting a price/performance benchmark by integrating its Dot Hill RealStor technology-which uses intelligent autonomic tiering software to configure fast solid state drives (SSDs) and low cost high density drives (HDDs).

A recent research from industry analyst firm ESG, suggests that storage IT decision makers want solutions that allow them to manage storage growth, making high capacity a top consideration.

"ENERGY STAR certification is part of our ongoing commitment to environmental protection and delivering greater cost savings to enterprises," says Bill Wuertz, Senior Vice President,Dot Hill. "Every watt-hour of energy saved results in almost two saved at the facility level through lower waste and reduced cooling. We estimate that last year alone, the AssuredSANs purchased by customers resulted in more than $2 million in aggregate savings."

Enterprises lack features that can help in reducing total operational costs, including power and cooling requirements, while administrators require storage solutions that optimize application performance for key business processes. These hybrid solutions with high-capacity HDDs and SSDs can deliver on both fronts, helping organizations to meet the challenges associated with the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and third platform computing applications, yet in a more environmentally responsible way.

The AssuredSAN portfolio of product offers a simple user interface, real-time tiering and virtual snapshots; it’s easy-to-manage arrays also promises to be suitable for small-to-mid sized businesses' data storage and virtualization needs.

The RAID technology powered software, delivers exceptional performance tuned for sequential workloads, ideal for high-performance computing, telecommunications data capture, oil and gas seismic data analysis, media streaming, video post-production and broadcasting.