Enerliance Now a Subsidiary of Real Estate Software Developer Yardi
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Enerliance Now a Subsidiary of Real Estate Software Developer Yardi

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SANTA BARBARA, CA: Yardi, a provider of software for the real estate industry has announced that it has acquired Enerliance, a developer of energy efficiency software, reports MHN Online.

Enerliance offers Load Based Optimization System, an intelligent HVAC platform, which decreases energy consumption in large buildings and campuses. LOBOS is a small box that interacts with a building’s existing management system. It automates demand response participation, system-level fault detection and diagnostics.

It is dependable and easy to maintain. As a system that’s built on the industry-standard Niagara AX framework, thousands of qualified energy professionals across the country can install, maintain and operate a LOBOS system.

“Joining the Yardi team combines the trust we have earned in the facilities marketplace with Yardi’s 30-plus years of leadership in developing innovative property and asset management solutions. This is a winning combination for clients of both organizations,” said Raymond A. Pustinger, president, Enerliance.

“LOBOS has saved energy, reduced costs, and increased tenant comfort wherever it has been installed, through a combination of building intelligence, efficiency algorithms, and demand response technology. Adding it to our product offerings provides building owners and operators with a single platform for energy management that generates cost savings and furthers our clients’ and Yardi’s environmental initiatives,” said Gordon Morrell, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Yardi.