EnerNOC to Acquire EnTech USB Aims At Enhanced Energy Intelligence Software
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EnerNOC to Acquire EnTech USB Aims At Enhanced Energy Intelligence Software

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 15, 2014

BOSTON, MS: EnerNOC, provider of energy intelligence software (EIS), has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire EnTech that offers global utility bill management (UBM) software, reports GLOBE NEWSWIRE.

Tim Healy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EnerNOC says, “This acquisition is consistent with our strategy to diversify beyond demand response. Global UBM capability is a key differentiator of an EIS offering and we're excited to leverage the full strength of EnerNOC's sales and marketing engine to drive adoption of our EIS offering around the world."

EnTech's software supports 200,000 utility tariffs worldwide and currently processes over one million utility bills per year for its customers, making billing data accessible to key decision makers in finance, operations, and the C-suite. The services offered from EnTech include Technology Assessment, General Consulting, Website Development, Database Development and Technology Donations.

The integration enables combination of real-time energy data, tariffs, and monthly utility bill data on EnerNOC's EIS platform. The amalgamation also offers real-time visibility, forecast of energy costs and better energy management services across global enterprises.

“We're excited to join the EnerNOC family. EnerNOC's ability to capture and analyze real-time energy, weather, and market data will greatly enhance the overall value our UBM customers currently receive. In addition to accelerating and streamlining data collection, the combination of monthly bill data with real-time energy consumption data greatly improves an organization's ability to effectively manage energy," says Oliver Dowson, Chief Executive Officer of EnTech.