Engage Black's BlackVault: A Shield for Consumer Appliances and IoT Devices

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

APTOS, CA: Data encryption and security firm, Engage Black has recently disseminated that its flagship product, BlackVault HSM popularity is going viral among clients from different sectors like consumer appliances and IoT manufacturers.

The BlackVault HSM is a portable Ethernet attached Hardware Security Module that combines a cryptographically advanced HSM with a smart card reader and integrated touch screen display. With the advancement of technology, consumer appliances are adopting IoT devices as a network element to set a footprint in the cloud arena but contrary to it virtuality of things is making those manufacturers susceptible to cyber threat. The HSM product is assisting the consumer appliances and IoT manufacturers to create, store and maintain their cryptographic keys. “With consumer and IoT devices enhancing more and more of our lives, it’s no longer unusual to think of networked home appliances, cars, factory systems and critical public infrastructure,” says Mark Doyle, President and CEO, Engage.

Moreover, BlackVault platform includes three key elements namely - BlackVault HSM, CYNR and CA. While BlackVault CYNR is a code and document signing appliance with an integrated cryptographically advanced hardware security module, smart card reader, host USB and resistive touch screen display. BlackVault CA whereas, is a certificate authority appliance with an integrated cryptographically advanced hardware security module, smart card Reader and resistive touch screen display. “Now more than ever, it’s critical to protect the identity of these devices and the brands of their manufacturers. The BlackVault HSM is the right tool to safeguard the cryptographic keys that play such a vital part in this mission," added Mark.