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Enhanced AI and ML Capabilities in Verification Solution Makes Personal Data Sharing More Secure

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Rising demand for digital experiences shows no sign of slowing, and enterprises across the world are looking for ways that simplify the way personal data is secured and shared.

FREMONT, CA: Evident enhances Identity Assurance Platform with Evident360 for full AI-based identity proofing, reducing the number of steps involved in identity verification by 25-50 percent. Evident360 is designed to collect analyze and verify data through a single, secure solution. The unique machine learning capabilities make it possible for Evident’s Identity Assurance Platform to process verification data at different stages and path them separately based on the results. The introduction of these guided workflows significantly reduces friction within the platform while continuing to reduce instances of fraud.

The information must be easily accessible, but data privacy is of utmost concern, which is why organizations need a better way to share personal data more safely. Data attribute providers are playing a critical role as the shift to a digital landscape is increasing. Evident provides a better, faster, and safer way to share personal data and is the only way to reconcile the various needs enterprises, individuals, and various other authorities.

Evident helps authoritative data sources to safely distribute their valid data to the entities that need it and helps smaller companies access new markets and verticals by combining their verified information, thus enhancing the value for data types. Its peculiar distributed data model and cryptographically-enforced access controls make it one among the few verification solutions that provide safe and secure access to verified personal data from thousands of authoritative data sources through a single Application Programming Interface (API), helping businesses get the information they need without them ever having to see or handle an individual’s data.

Evident remolding the way personal data is shared by enabling comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-the-minute identity and credential verifications without the liability and risk of holding personal information. Also, its increased investment in AI and machine learning provides unique benefits for its customers.

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