Enhanced Cyber Security with the Latest Next-Generation Malware Protection

By CIOReview | Monday, August 3, 2015

IRVINE, CA: Raytheon|Websense, a provider of cyber products for commercial and government customers, has partnered with Cylance, a provider of cyber security products and services, to provide enhanced cyber security to its customers. The collaboration allows Raytheon|Websense to utilize Cylance's next-generation security technology into its product ecosystem.

Raytheon|Websense has embedded Cylance Infinity Engine, a malware detection technology engine, into its SureView Threat Protection solution. The integrated solution provides near real-time visibility into files as they move through customers' networks, which reduces the time to find and thwart attacks.

"The combination of SureView Threat Protection and Cylance's next-generation malware protection engine reduces attack dwell time -- the time from breach to containment," says Joshua Douglas, Chief Technology Officer, Raytheon|Websense. "This, in turn, minimizes business disruption and protects critical business assets."

Raytheon|Websense's broad spectrum of integrated solutions addresses cyber security challenges, such as protecting against insider threats and advanced threats, verifying the integrity of system memory and applying an analytics platform to enable contextual awareness and cyber intelligence for real-time remediation.