Enhanced Media Asset Management Platform in the Offing for the Media Industry

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 12, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Empress Media Asset Management, a digital asset management solutions provider for the media industry, will soon be introducing the beta release of its media asset management platform eMAM.

The latest beta version, eMAM 3.7, provides additional preview controls for subtitling, audio channels, and video quality selection, uploading data with no restriction in size easier and faster, update mobile interfaces, archive and delete the shared storage more safer, job priority settings, category and project search and a new connect with  theme.

EMAM provides numerous options for cloud based and cloud linked systems and range from small work groups to large enterprise installations, based on an argument or in the cloud, with access from any web browser, Android tablet, or iPad. The major work of eMAM is to connect internal systems together to provide a complete seamless internal workflow.

“Beyond our ability to develop customized portals and experiences, we are excited to automate publishing and sharing of content on popular social media and Web publishing platforms and systems, “says Wendy Wang, CEO, Empress Media Asset Management.