Enhanced Medical Decisions Tie Up With CRG Medical to Provide Next Gen Patient Safety Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 1, 2016

CAMBRIDGE, MA: Enhanced Medical Decisions, Inc. (EMD) has partnered with a healthcare technology CRG Medical, Inc., to provide the next generation patient safety solution.. As a result of this partnership between the two companies an advanced KBCore™ has been created, an early warning hazard detection system, that helps in capturing near thing events and unsafe conditions, speeding up the preventive action and process change. 

Douglas Dotan, CRG Medical's CEO said "CRG Medical's ONC for IT award winning Purple Button™ patient safety mobile app and the KBCore™ early hazard detection system foster complete engagement of the workforce, creating knowledge and continual improvement toward a goal of high reliability and zero preventable harm."

The Enhanced Medical Decisions (EMD) unique Smart NLP (Natural Language Processing) suite promotes the recovery and distribution of Electronic Medical Record data to a new level. It also translates unstructured free-text into highly relevant, accurate, and actionable information. 

One of the main reasons behind the price shoot up in healthcare industry is the implementation of safety risks measures in order to prevent patient harm. When the increasing safety measures in the hospital a whole lot of complications also take birth. Thus amidst all these time-sensitive burdens on care providers it becomes difficult for them to keep a track of everything. This is when an advanced KBCore™ comes to rescue as it offers a highly effective and efficient reserve to track and report events. Furthermore, with the help of early collected information it can also foresee and even get involved in high risk situations with minimum impact on clinician time.

It is usually seen that most of the valuable information that is taken within notes during a patient encounter is not used often. But EMD is the first company which takes the same information and applies it for efficient clinical decision making. The combination of KBCore™ and EMD tool utilizes EMD's NLP engine to process the note, by identifying key data elements such as indicators, risk profiles, current conditions and medical history that are then sent to the KBCore™ solution to generate a list of actionable cases within seconds to minimize the impact on the clinician's time.

Marlene Beggelman, EMD chief executive officer said "The ability to unlock the potential of data captured in documentation is exciting and is the first step to providing "always on" patient safety support.”The partnership with KBCore™ brings together two innovative solutions to enhance patient safety with the potential to not only reduce costs and waste but also improve outcomes". Patient information need only be documented once – in the medical notes – the technology does the rest by distributing data to KBCore™ for processing. The power of the combined solution is that patient care is improved while, at the same time, the care-givers job is made easier".