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Enhanced Talent Management Solution Introduced by PeopleAdmin to Upsurge Customer Growth

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Kermit S.Randa, CEO, PeopleAdmin

Kermit S.Randa, CEO, PeopleAdmin

AUSTIN, TX: PeopleAdmin, a provider of solutions for talent management software for education, announced the release of new solution enhancements for their PeopleAdmin’s SelectSuite. The recent additions will help colleges and universities in streamlining the processes incorporated by them for finding, hiring, and developing a diverse workforce.

Kermit S.Randa, CEO, PeopleAdmin says, “The real challenge for organizations is integrating today’s talent management technology with a focus on business outcomes—introducing new, data-driven processes to hire, manage, engage, and truly support people.”

Apart from adding improvements to SelectSuite, the company is also adding other features like services support to deliver excellent customer experience. Expanding support features such as instant “chat,” will help PeopleAdmin in widening its knowledge base with inclusion of more self-service tools. Moreover, another latest addition, the Smart Start implementation methodology will help companies to ensure shorter implementation and upgrade process, with improved time to value, and predictable timelines.

Furthermore, significant alterations in the applicant tracking system can be expected by SelectSuite customers, combining new look and feel, focused on improving the process efficiency. Three cost-effective packages, coined SelectSuite Advantage, SelectSuite Advantage +, and SelectSuite Premier have been designed taking into consideration of a school’s needs and to help customers gain benefits. Colleges can attract more applicants and promote their brand identity with the integration of social media and resume parsing capabilities. The enhancements also comprise of a new SelectSuite analytics toolset for obtaining actionable insights into the recruitment process. “We can talk all day about how being diverse will bring a more harmonious working environment, but analytics will show where we are now so we can work toward a better future,” extols Demetrius Bynes, Director of Employment Services, Georgia Southern University.

Another essential addition is the PeopleAdmin’s new Onboard solution which helps in simplifying and replicating the entire onboarding process, thus reducing the time taken by HR personnel. The Records solution, introduced as a part of the latest innovation enables management of important documents, and automation of the processes revolving around those documents. Key benefits of the solution include error reduction, and improved compliance, accompanied by enhancements to the new mobile site capabilities.

Randa adds, “Our focus on innovation and service will not stop. Our customers can expect from us a regular cadence of improvements and new tools, as we continue to support them and their academic missions.”

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