Enhancing Global Trading Collaboration through Blockchain
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Enhancing Global Trading Collaboration through Blockchain

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 10, 2018

ModulTrade, a blockchain based platform simplifies trade for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME). ModulTrade’s token pre-sale provides a platform to expand trade possibilities for MSME’s with the help of blockchain technology. The smart-contract platform reduces transaction fees to the minimum of one percent, connects MSME’s of all sizes around the world. On its secure digital trade platform, ModulTrde also replicates traditional processes, letters of credit and bank guarantees. All the tools on the platform are easily accessible through a multitude of handheld devices and desktops.

ModulTrade strives to create a far efficient and enhanced product by constantly analyzing the user’s feedbacks to provide protection against any possible contingency. Furthermore, ModulTrade has paved an ambitious roadmap of creating a robust trade network by introducing its platform to the European market and eventually globally by 2019.

ModulTrade has also introduced a cryptocurrency—the MTRc, designed on Ethereum (ETH) complies with all ether wallets as well as can be added to common crypto-exchanges. Users can buy and exchange tokens within the system in real time, meanwhile complying with the ERC-20 Ethereum token standard. The discount on MTRc has been further reduced to 30 percent due to a great enthusiasm on the participants’ part.

Regarding the current state and prospects of their market, ModulTrade team plans on taking in 768,000 users by 2019, and 1,248,000 by 2020, hence, expanding at a steady growth. ModulTrade adds value for the user, third parties including trade-related service providers and trade software developers to provide a seamless global collaboration with technological advancement and optimum return on investment.

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