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Enhancing the Customer Journey

By CIOReview | Monday, March 19, 2018

Digital signage has evolved at a significant pace with innovations and advancements to fuel the technological transformation of the retail space. Digital signage has not only advanced but has become affordable as well, allowing accessibility for smaller businesses. Digital displays such as LED screens can be linked to create a single large screen, and LED billboards and interactive touchscreens have become integrated into store design with effective, relevant content to enhance the customer journey. The content displayed on the screens has become a crucial factor in the success of a store and is one of the most powerful tools in a retailer’s marketing strategy due to the flexibility and speed at which content can be changed.

Using animations, videos, and interactive applications to highlight relevant promotions, products, and prices, retailers can complement a customer’s in-store journey. Messages about other aspects such as ingredients, source information, health, food safety, and environmental responsibility is required to develop a meaningful in-store experience and will encourage future visits. Retail companies such as SPAR have designed a unique store digital strategy, which identifies areas within the store that can accommodate meaningful digital interruptions and grab maximum attention to drive effective conversation.

Digital signage not only assists in creating a distinct shopping experience, but also helps stores save print costs and reduces their environmental footprint. Furthermore, key marketing and retail gurus predict a future where retailers transition from selling products to services, solutions, and shopping experiences. When this occurs, the digital content will change accordingly to deepen the emotional connection, which customers share with brands.