Enhancing Transport Visibility Through Elemica's New Track App

By CIOReview | Friday, February 19, 2016

WAYNE, PA: To Gain ground on  supply chain visibility and improving customer satisfaction, Elemica, a provider of operating networks for process industries has introduces a new mobile application—Elemica Track. With this introduction, Elemica provides better visibility into shipments via Elemica’s Enhanced Transport Visibility (EETV) solution. Through these services users can get track of the process to the final action that needs attention. "All of our customers are seeking the same level of shipment visibility that they have grown to expect in the Business to Consumer (B2C) world," said Cindi Hane, Vice President of Logistics Management at Elemica.

In terms of Mobile Track services, Elemica Track offers single window view on devices where users can track status by order numbers or company name. Furthermore, the App also offers users one stop navigation on their mobile devices where users can swipe through pickup and delivery, see products and quantities in-transit, watch shipments progression and precise timeframe of dispatch. For Enhanced Transport Visibility (ETV) users, the above App is available on Google Play and Apple iTunes.

Some of the company’s other services include logistic Management Solution, where users can easily connect with all the logistic service providers with mode or capabilities. Additionally, Elemica provides a comprehensive viewpoint of visibility into logistic networks and greater management control over LSP performance via cloud based solution through QuickLink Network connectivity option. The firm also manages bottom line result by reducing cost of operation, automation key business process, removal of transaction barriers, and seamless information between trading partners. It also enables users to leverage the benefits of state-of-the-art business automation. With this app the cost of shipment is low and it also enhanced the customer service, reports Market Wired.