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Enhancing Workplace Management through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

By CIOReview | Friday, April 13, 2018

The innovative technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), has proven its versatility in a number of industries and is playing a critical role in influencing the working environment and operational standards of the enterprises. Apart from influencing the workplace, AI has been pivotal in creating new employment opportunities for skilled aspirants and those who intended to build skills in the field. Apart from a few non-technical roles such as research scientist and product managers, most job roles are technical, hired by big industry players and startups alike.

Machine learning in the foreseeable future can be expected to help employees take their minds off repetitive, mundane tasks and focus more on important decision making tasks. On the manual labor work front, AI and machine learning can play a role to prevent injuries and fatalities. According to reports, it is estimated that over 5,000 people died due to workplace injuries in the year 2016.

With an assumed usage of just 14 percent of automation in the fields of vehicle operation and construction, nearly 3,500 lives can be saved by the year 2030. Although it is largely misunderstood that machine involvement can lead to higher rates of unemployment, the number of lives that can be saved by keeping human away from dangerous tasks gains an upper hand.

Being free from fatigue and boredom, AI and machine learning can execute complex tasks without the possibilities of human errors, saving time and adding precision to the task. The involvement of AI and machine learning can bring about a new level of efficiency and productivity to business processes and workflows.