Enlyt Health To Build Low Code Platform With $10mm Series A Round Funding
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Enlyt Health To Build Low Code Platform With $10mm Series A Round Funding

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 5, 2022

The Low Code Platform for Healthcare's Digital Front Door has started its Initial Capital Raising Round.

FREMONT, CA: Low-code application platforms enable significantly faster application development than traditional coding approaches, substantially reduce setup and training time, and do not require users to possess advanced coding knowledge. They are capable of developing applications that are both secure and HIPAA compliant. Enlyt Health, the premier low-code mobile platform as a service provider for healthcare, has started a Series A investment round.

The Enlyt Health Platform has been recognized by healthcare systems for its innovation in Digital Front Door and improving patient access and experience. "We've known from the beginning we wanted to approach the market the right way," states Scott Fielder, Enlyt Health's Founder and CEO. "By 'the right way' I mean being patient, not deviating from the long-term vision, and of course mastering our platform which touches millions of patients. And so we did we spent years investing in the platform, focusing on the product and building the Low Code Platform for Healthcare Digital Front Door."

“It is with great pleasure that Enlyt Health has initiated the Series A round, which is being managed by Meritage Partners' outstanding team. The money will support all aspects of the company's growth. Expansion of Enlyt's partner ecosystem and continued investment in the company's long-term product and technology strategy will be accomplished by increasing the company's sales and marketing staff. The timing for the raise feeds right into our existing momentum," states Fielder. "We've grown our partner ecosystem while developing v2.0 of Enlyt Health. We've had the pleasure of partnering with technology leaders like Salesforce, Epic, Cerner, Amazon and many more, but it also somehow feels like we have just got started."

Enlyt Health already has numerous well-known health systems onboard, giving patients the necessary access and resources to improve their whole health journey.