Enrollment Rx to Relax Admission Process and Student Data Management for San Mateo County Community College District

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 20, 2016

application process for international educateesSCHILLER PARK, IL: The San Mateo County Community College District has picked out Enrollment Rx, a cloud-based Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solution provider for higher education, to contour the application process for international educatees. Enrollment Rx would support the admissions teams at each of the District's three colleges in their effort to increase applications and create a unique student experience, thereby strengthening communication and relationship.

The Community College District serves three colleges located in the Silicon Valley: Canada College (Redwood City), College of San Mateo (San Mateo), and Skyline College (San Bruno); constituting to more than 40,000 students per year. Previously, admissions staff had to enter the application data manually into Student Information System (SIS), which is obviously inefficient, especially in case of increase in number of enrollments every year. With new integration, Enrollment Rx will automate the application process completely and the staffs across the three campuses can now access via centralized system and work through data access, sharing and reporting.

"When evaluating CRM options, Enrollment Rx easily stood out as the most comprehensive offering, meeting all of our integration and communication requirements," said Eugene Whitlock, VC, San Mateo County Community College District. The college district is all excited to get the new system in place and foresees it as a tool to completely transform the engagement with international students.

Bringing international students application process to self-serve, the online portal should now simplify the process for students and dramatically reduce administrative follow-up for missing documents, and also leveraging staffs with some leisure time to focus on relationship building. The District has planned to extend Enrollment Rx’s contribution in recruitment efforts too. This might enable staff to make more proactive reaching campaigns and manage third-party agents involved in international recruiting well.

"As community colleges like San Mateo County Community College District look to raise the bar on student success, both as it relates to attracting and retaining students, CRM systems become a critical part of the puzzle to automate enrollment processes and personalize student engagement and recruitment," said Lawrence Levy, president and CEO of Enrollment Rx.