Ensemble 2.0 - An Upgrade in Virtualization Architecture

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 17, 2015

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC: Overture Networks, based in North Carolina, has announced enhancements to its Ensemble architecture. The Ensemble 2.0 will enable improved realization of cloud, virtualization and software driven services.

With the telecommunication industry adopting NFV and enterprises having to provide better virtualization and management capabilities, Overture’s Ensemble 2.0 comes as the much needed solution, providing agile and cost-effective revenue-generation. The Ensemble 2.0 provides fully virtualized services fulfilling customer demands that are driven by cloud and IoT.

The features that are incorporated into the Ensemble 2.0 make it a highly reliable and powerful networking architecture. There are four new tools in particular that makes the latest version appealing.

OVERTURE ORCHESTRATOR - It helps increase profitability through policy-driven automation for quick and reliable service creation, activation and assurance.

OVERTURE ANALYTICS - It provides big data network and service data correlation that enhances policy-driven service orchestration and assurance across all network systems.

OVERTURE CONTROLLER – It is an Open Source SDN controller that establishes and manages overlay-networking configurations for VNF service chains.

OVERTURE CONNECTOR – It enables pure-play virtualization and eliminates vendor lock-in, helping services providers to assemble hardware and software for best possible result.

“We will continue to innovate, enhance and expand our virtualization portfolio based on customer feedback and market needs,” said Mike Aquino, President and CEO, Overture Networks.