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Enterprise Data Protection against Ransomware Attacks: Attempts toward Prevention

By CIOReview | Friday, March 29, 2019

In the age of information technology, enterprise or organizational data is a crucial asset. The information cosmos is sophisticated and important, and thus, data must be protected with the right cyber safety measures. The importance of data for the organizations is well known to cyber-criminals. Cybersecurity monitors attempts; to steal or exploit data and information to mitigate cyber threats and intrusion.

When talking about sophisticated cyber threats, the Ransomware infestation has threatened the cyber-world of information resources for several years. WannaCry and Petya were the most prominent malware used in cyber attacks that infect an organization's primary data reserves and encrypt all files into a compressed package that only attackers can break up. The entire value of the organization is controlled by mere cybercriminals in a remote location and anonymity. The criminals demand a huge amount for ransom.

It is best to safeguard the data from the malware in the cloud or on a separate hard drive to maintain a secure environment. Two backups, saved separately, are even better.

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Attackers are using another malware package aimed at home and smaller office routers. The security vendor Trend Micro says that after a router has been infected, it enables attacks by web apps that it authentically has been using to its mobile devices or desktop computers–like a bank–to get its login passwords. The first version was intended for Portuguese speaking in the Brazilian language, but the latest package has changed. Certain D-Link, Motorola, Realtron, Secutech and TP-Link versions of the routers have been affected. It is important to make sure that all passwords are secure to protect routers against such situations, using the latest software, and ensure that websites start with HTTPS.

However, almost half of the worldwide companies have successfully maintained a structure and are monitoring cyber security solutions so that another assault is avoided and the software development companies, including Microsoft, have implemented patches for future attacks. Most importantly, companies can stay alert to protect their infrastructure and data against the continually changing ransomware.