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Enterprise Mobility Management from CA Technology with Support for iOS 8

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 18, 2014

NEW YORK: CA Technologies, a software company, announces Enterprise Mobile Management solution suite with support for iOS 8. With comprehensive management solutions for mobile devices, applications, content, and emails, this mobility platform provides cutting edge support for the mobile-ready enterprises.

The company implements its patent-pending Smart Containerization technology in its latest offering of enterprise mobility solution. Containerization term is inspired from the real-world containerization technique implement in freight transportation carried by truck, rail and/or ship. In the IT world, enterprises implemented containerization to achieve segregation of private and enterprise data on the mobile device. By implementing policies on the container, both types of data are managed in a controlled environment so that they remain separate and protected as well.

CA Technology’s Smart Containerization achieves redefined user interface experience, support for latest security advancements and multi-factor authentication.

The company’s latest enterprise mobility solutions equipped with Smart Containerization, offers consistent security, enterprise-grade performance, compliance, as well as support across the enterprise.  This suite of mobility tools drives employee productivity as well as satisfaction.