Enterprise Security Trends For 2014
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Enterprise Security Trends For 2014

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fremont, CA: CIOs and CSOs are pursuing their idea of fool-proof network security by ensuring multi-layer authentication, encryption-key management and finer access control. Software developers are churning out heaps of code in their pursuit to find the one gem that will make their infrastructure impregnable. With the transformation of the work culture from static to dynamic, where employees no more use the old school desktops and laptops, but their own smartphones and tablets, security concern is paramount!

Post Snowden effect, many companies are hesitant to move their data in the datacenters located in U.S. The world has risen from a deep sleep, but how? The answer to this question has brought changes in the manner in which businesses are being conducted across the globe. Security is the foundation for building credible product or service in today’s world.

Firms that develop security products are seeing a great open market in front of them. Innovative security products are being released, each having its own distinct qualities and capabilities. Today, devices like refrigerator, oven, temperature sensor and washing machine have digital interfaces that connect them to a network. Once they are on a network, they may fall prey to the remote attackers (cyber attackers.)

Smartphones today are used to do wide range of functions, from regulating the temperature back home to doing the day-to-day office work. Whether, for playing games or doing complex operations of the business, people have started to use the same smartphone or tablet. Ensuring security to the data in these smartphones and tablets while respecting the space for privacy is an uphill task that every firm and government are facing today.

Security products built today are focused towards device specific approach rather than the static perimeter based security software. IT folks from Israel who have consistently developed fool-proof security solutions are coming up with products that suit today’s decentralized work culture. The focus is on the data and not on the boundaries as the data is not limited to static computing devices at the work location.

Enhanced encryption key management, granular access control, work pattern analysis and monitoring, real time monitoring for anomalies such as recurring log in and log out, and multiple authentication failures, are some of the factors that are looked into in detail these days. Paradigm shift in terms of data security has gained prominence as the data now goes from corporate to cloud, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

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