Enterprise-Grade Digital Transformation is Now Easier with Datadobi's New Multi-Petabyte Starter Packs
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Enterprise-Grade Digital Transformation is Now Easier with Datadobi's New Multi-Petabyte Starter Packs

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 6, 2022

Enterprises can now begin large-scale data centre and cloud migrations using the industry's leading unstructured data migration software with multi-petabyte starter packs.

FREMONT, CA: In the digital age, valid data may be collected and incorporated into business intelligence at a much higher level. It facilitates the translation of raw data into actionable insights across various organizational touchpoints for distinct functional units. Datadobi, the global leader in unstructured data management, has come up with the new DobiMigrate Starter Packs ranging in size from 1PB to 7PB. The latest product is designed to improve the performance of unstructured data management efforts in data-intensive, high-volume situations. The new Starter Packs will empower channel partners and end customers to expedite digital transformation and manage data across all storage platforms and cloud environments.

“In order to be successful in today’s data-driven world, organizations must have a handle on the massive amounts of unstructured data they hold, whether it be on-premises or in the cloud,” states Michael Jack, CRO and Co-Founder, Datadobi. “We created the new larger Starter Packs because migration projects just keep getting bigger. Where just a few years ago multi-petabyte migrations were considered large, today they are the norm. The new starter packs will help customers with larger environments to get their migration projects started faster. Backed by the battle-hardened components of our Datadobi engine, our customers and partners can rest assured knowing that they have complete control over their unstructured data across all environments.”

According to IDC, global digital data growth will reach 175ZB by 2025, and unstructured data will likely account for 90 percent of the amount by 2030. Numerous businesses have battled to keep pace with the exponential growth of unstructured data as terabytes became petabytes. The issue for IT managers and their teams is that moving PB-scale data introduces cost, complexity, and scalability considerations.

To address the issues associated with unstructured data management, Datadobi's newest PB-scale Starter Packs provide customers and partners with choice, flexibility, and range for projects ranging from 1PB to 7PB. These new Starter Packs will make it easier for clients who work in larger workplaces to achieve the same thing. The popular DobiMigrate Starter Packs were created for migrations of up to 500TB to assist customers in quickly getting started on their project.

Because Datadobi is the only vendor-neutral solution on the market, clients and partners may utilize the new Starter Packs to migrate huge volumes of data to any storage or cloud platform of their choosing, guided by Datadobi's world-class support team. This enables end-users to get their ideas off the ground quickly and affordably.

Enterprises interested in utilizing the new Starter Packs can assure that DobiMigrate was purpose-built to safeguard customer data throughout a migration. According to Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 1 requirements, the product and processes have effectively proven the highest integrity, security, and confidentiality standards. The attestation reaffirms Datadobi's commitment to data integrity and security throughout all phases of any data migration project.