Enterprises Prefer Private Cloud Storage Solutions Over SaaS-Survey Reports

By CIOReview | Friday, March 28, 2014

PALO ALTO: CTERA Networks, cloud service platform has announced the results for the research conducted on Enterprise Cloud Storage by an independent research firm. 200 IT professionals participated in the study focusing on the status of the cloud storage use in enterprise, and the security standards employed by IT departments in their organizations.

The research stated that 63 percent of enterprises prefer private cloud storage solutions which they can control. It found that organizations speculating on the file sync and sharing solution were more inclined to opt for private cloud storage solution running either on hosted infrastructure or in their own datacenter and larger enterprises with 30,000 plus employees voted for private clouds.

"Enterprises are seeking ways to capitalize on the benefits that cloud storage can provide, but not at the cost of losing control of their data. The market is flooded with SaaS offerings, but solutions that can scale on private and hybrid clouds are in short supply," says Rani Osnat, VP of Strategic Marketing & Customer Experience at CTERA.

The study also came to the conclusion that the enterprise is shifting rapidly to deliver collaborative and mobility benefits of cloud storage while meeting their own internal control and privacy policies. Statistics from the study also shows 25 percent of enterprises have executed private cloud file sync & share tools and 20 percent have put into action cloud storage gateways.

While private cloud is receiving all the favoritism of the enterprises, SaaS based cloud storage offerings were found to be wreaking the whole organizational system of information exchange. As much as 31 percent of the participant enterprises have reported data leakage owing to file sync and sharing via SaaS and an alarming 71 percent have expressed their grave concern over this threat.  

In a measure to combat the information leakage, 55 percent of the respondents particularly forbid the usage of SaaS-based file-sharing solutions.

"This independent research validates what we have been hearing from our customers: a clear preference for a platform they can manage and run using the infrastructure of their choice, with both enterprise-grade security and compelling end-user experience," adds Rani.