Entrust Datacard Partners up with Beijing SkyFaith Technology Co.

By CIOReview | Friday, February 19, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Entrust Datacard recently announced a partnership with Beijing SkyFaith Technology Co., Ltd of China. The partnership—along with providing Beijing SkyFaith Technology Co., Ltd. with the ability to sell Entrust Datacard SSL solutions in the China region will increase security and improve the user experience for SSL certificate purchases in china.

“Entrust Datacard is a trusted global technology company that issues SSL certificates that provide enhanced security features for website encryption, identification and authentication,” said Mr. Jianxiu Zeng, CEO of Beijing SkyFaith Technology Co. “We are pleased to now be a part of the Entrust Datacard global partner network,” he added.

A signing ceremony was held on October 16, 2015 with delegates from both the companies— SkyFaith Technology and Entrust Datacard attending it. At the ceremony, Timothy Cheung, president and CEO, Datacard China, highlighted the strengths of Entrust Datacard including the investments into its SSL business, as well as the continued expansion of the global partner program, cost advantages of its products, and innovative research and development investments.

“We choose SkyFaith as our first partner in China as they have 15 years of experience in SSL sales and customer service,” said Cheung. “We are happy to welcome them to our global partner network and look forward to the mutual success we will both see from selling SSL certificates into this market,” he added.