Entrust Datacard Revamps its Solution to Help Sign Legally Binding Documents

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 12, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Organizations have to continuously ensure that the document accesses are trusted and secure, as they move forth with their plans to transform online processes, focused on reducing expenses and response times, combined with environmental responsibility. Entrust Datacard, a provider of trusted identity and secure transaction technologies, unfolded its plan to revamp the Entrust Document Signing Certificates solution, adding new and upgraded features. The latest version also adds support to digital signatures for Adobe and Microsoft Office documents to secure legally binding documents.

An array of useful features has been added as part of the latest announcement. Compatibility extends not only to Microsoft Office, LibreOffice and Bluebeam, but also for Adobe solutions including Adobe reader. As a result, users don’t have to buy Adobe software for document signing. Multiple signature workflow is supported, which makes verification much easier while maintaining document authentication. Furthermore, the addition of SHA-2 Signing feature helps matching to the latest browser security requirements.

“Entrust Signing Certificates provide our customers with best-in-class document signing security and new features that allow them to easily incorporate it into their business processes,” said Sam Morcos, General Manager, Certificate Services, Entrust Datacard. “With more and more legally binding documents being sent or delivered digitally, it has become increasingly important that individuals and organizations have the ability to easily sign and ensure the security of documents.”

The visual trust indicators present in signed documents using the Entrust Document Signing Certificate assist recipients in verifying sender’s identity or the document’s authenticity. A trust dialog pops instantly at the top of the document, as soon as Document Signing Certificate is opened. The authenticity of a document is verified using real-time assurance, and not just upon initial transmission.

A stringent identity verification process is undertaken by all the registrant before Document Signing Certificate is issued. A digital ID for applying a trusted digital signature to a document is also provided right after the registrant’s identification information is verified.