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Entwine IT with New Digital Outpost for Better Outcomes

By CIOReview | Monday, April 2, 2018

With the proliferation of technology, businesses have expanded across the globe. In sync with these expansions, information technology continues to play an immense role in supporting remote sites as well as offices. Although IT is a perfect ally for remote business site management and monitoring, the task entrusted to IT is getting more and more complicated as emerging technology such as IoT, mobility, analytics inundate the world. Therefore, to ensure that business-critical digital activity runs smoothly on remote sites, IT needs to revamp its remote infrastructure management methodology. Presently, remote computing is evolving each passing day. Technology such as real-time analytics, wireless communication in conjunction with IoT, AI, and others are driving productivity everywhere. Admittedly, with such development, remote computing is becoming more sophisticated and crucial to businesses.

Regardless of the line of business, remote computing no longer is a utility tool to support geographically distributed offices and sites. Instead, it has transitioned into organization’s New Digital Outpost (NDO). Therefore, to meet the performance requirements, availability, and being cost-effective at the same time, the New Digital outpost needs a resilient provisioning strategy. Information Technology must be at the vanguard of such innovations, failing to do so would have a negative impact on a company’s bottom-line.

Enterprises across various business verticals are taking the NDO challenge head-on through turnkey remote management solutions such as DCIM software, KVM, sensor monitoring solutions, and others. In the grand scheme of events, these solutions are acting as an antidote to potential risks and issues, thereby thwarting any security concerns facing remote infrastructure. It is just the beginning though, and with the rapid expansion of high-performance computing (HPC), remote serviceability, et al, the remote management landscape is poised for huge altercations in years to come.