Envirogen Technologies Extends Services with Suez Environment
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Envirogen Technologies Extends Services with Suez Environment

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 16, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Processing water treatment became a vital asset to make water resources germ free, companies like Envirogen Technologies serves the purpose by providing treatment of ground water, waste water, process improvement, resource recovery and odor control.

Earlier the company was active in Europe and treated groundwater in the U.S. using biological, physical and chemical absorbative technologies. Now they decided to target North American food and beverage industries. According to Todd Webster, Vice President of Envirogen, they help companies to utilize alternative source of water, make their existing source better and find better approach to re-use water.

Basically it will provide various solutions at each stage of food and beverage manufacturing process within manufacturing company’s facility. Envirogen uses ultra-violet irradiation, electro chlorination and chlorine dioxide for water purification. Similarly ion exchange, deaeration, reverse osmosis, membrane bioreactor, fluidized bed reactor, micro and nano ultra filtration are used to waste water treatment.

Now, Envirogen became a collaborative alliance of Suez Environment, a utility company operating water treatment and waste management, reports environmental LEADER. Exclusively these companies will pursue and execute major environmental projects for electrical power generation facilities by combining Suez Environment capabilities in physical and chemical treatment technologies with biological treatment expertise of Envirogen Technologies.

Through collaboration it will deliver a fully fledged and economical services and solutions to industries of North America. Along with Envirogen Technologies a Texas based water management firm, the Kirkwood also expanded its waste water treatment technology in North America.