EPAM Adopts Stress Tracker to Coach Drivers

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 10, 2015

FREMONT, CA: EPAM, a software engineering company, strive to strengthen its position as a premium healthcare and insurance service provider. To that end, the company is promoting technology adoption to its clients.

The company leverages the wrist-worn GSR sensor and uses Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) data to monitor driver’s stress levels and analyze the data as pulse rate alone cannot give the accurate reading of a person’s stress level based on the scientific literature research.

 “Often the drivers themselves are not conscious that they are stressed. By analyzing both the vehicle’s parameters and the driver’s physiological data, we can identify and correlate the sources of stress to specific road situations or driving behaviors”, said Mikhail Boiko, Director of Embedded Practice, EPAM Systems.

Driving is stressful due to many parameters such as: low fuel or low tire pressure, loud music or radio, high speed, on-going traffic, weather conditions, constant travelling, long travelling and tiredness, personal moods, personal issues, and road rage.

The GSR notifies the drivers stress level and guide into less stressful situations or driving behavior by using the data filtration and stress detection algorithms in the cloud.

“The infotainment system could suggest alternative routes to avoid recurrent stress hot spots, or try to tame the driver into a smoother driving experience. For more situational awareness, the smart wristband continuously records voice, only storing voice events during stress periods (and the 15mn preceding the stress),” said Boiko.