EPAY Unveils Blueforce 7 to Optimize Workforce Management

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 15, 2015

CHICAGO, IL: EPAY Systems, a company indulged in SaaS workforce management launches Blueforce 7, a cloud-based interface system for efficient workflow and increased flexibility. Blueforce7 utilizes the latest web development technologies to simplify workforce environments and manage labor with speed and ease.

The product is an attendance system tailored to meet workforce needs with real-time visibility. It easily manages and controls every site and shift by giving complete visibility and help in budget planning to implement cost-effective strategies. This will result in scalable business process and informed desicion making for better customer service. It also provides streamlined time tracking and labor management for managers and payrolls administrators by reducing the training time period. This will optimize workforce management and allows seeing required information at right time.

Blueforce 7 streamlines payroll processing with a less preparation time and automates timesheets which can be easily integrated with payroll HR and ERP systems. Additionally it also comes with compliance and lawsuit rick protection to reduce exposure to wage and hour lawsuits and penalties with tight controls on times card changes and built-in compliance safeguards.