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EPB Chooses Smartoptics' Open Line Networking Solutions

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 17, 2020

The new solution is based on Smartoptics’ open-line DCP-M framework for versatile and cost-effective DWDM connectivity.

FREMONT, CA: Smartoptics, a global leader of optical networking solutions, recently confirmed that U.S. based EPB Power and Fiber Optics has selected Smartoptics’ open-line networking solutions to scale and expand their network services. The new solution is based on Smartoptics’ open-line DCP-M framework for versatile and cost-effective DWDM connectivity.

EPB, a municipal utility offering electricity, internet, TV, and telecommunications services to residential and business customers in Chattanooga, has signed an agreement with Smartoptics to deploy its DCP-M40 network.

“EPB is committed to our customers to provide world leading network facilities across our service area,” commented Joe Freeman, Manager, Network Engineering, EPB. “We are at the beginning of a multi-year network augmentation to scale our existing network infrastructure. In parallel we are moving from a consolidated network to a more distributed model that will enable us to push services closer to our 170,000 customers. I am confident that Smartoptics’ scalable, cost effective DCP-M40 platform is a key component in this growth-strategy that will allow us continue to innovate new customer offerings in the future.”

Under the contract, each EPB node and data center will be fitted with an open-line DCP-M40 system. The solution provides the ability to deliver 40 channels at any speed up to 400 Gbps over DWDM to each node over a variety of routes, allowing network resilience. The ability to transport multiple 100 Gbps or 400 Gbps services across the metro area without the need to scale the amount of fiber between facilities would enable EPB to meet ever-increasing bandwidth requirements while securing and capitalizing on existing fiber investment by the service provider.

“Smartoptics has a strong track record of providing highly efficient networking solutions to enterprises and governmental organizations. As we have expanded our portfolio over the years, we are now clearly building momentum also with a wide range of community-based service providers as well as network operators, who realize the full benefit of our flexible open line systems.  The EPB project, showcasing a massively scalable network solution based on Smartoptics cutting-edge technologies is a clear testament to the success of this strategy,” says Magnus Grenfeldt, CEO, Smartoptics.