Epicor to Push Sales beyond Office Boundaries

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AUSTIN, TX: Epicor, a provider for business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services has recently announced the launch of BisTrack Cloud, an extended version of existing BisTrack CRM platform boosting efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of remotely working salespeople engaged in sale of Lumber and Building Materials (LBM).

The Epicor BisTrack Cloud provides quick and easy access to customer and product information, seamless customer interaction and remote ordering capabilities. The application also presents owners, managers and other mobile employee access to critical business information, dashboards, smart views anywhere, anytime and across majority of mobile devices.

So far, the mobile sales technologies offered to LBM dealers have been very basic and difficult to use because of which most sales personals have rejected these. BisTrack on the other hand has been designed as user friendly, easier to use and functional.

The all new Epicor BisTrack Cloud is designed to improve the productivity and effectiveness of sales professionals and manger’s remote access to mission critical information stored in their business system database.  It incorporates an innovative touch-based interface making it easier to use across smart phones, tablets and laptops. The applications displays most common tasks and sales related data in an array of Smart Tiles. These Smart Tiles can be customized to fit individual user preferences.

Epicor BisTrack Cloud combines this simple, user-defined interface with powerful and tested sales technologies. The application enables sales professionals to remotely connect to Epicor BisTrack Business Management System so they can be as informed and productive while working remotely just as they would be while working from office. By providing direct access to this information, the application aims to streamline customer information requests and frees back office staff from providing the same information over phone.