EPI-USE Partners with Host Analytics to Offer Cloud-based EPM Solutions

By CIOReview | Monday, March 14, 2016

FREMONT, CA: EPI-USE, an enterprise specializing in SAP and SuccessFactors solutions has aired its decision to forge partnership with Host Analytics to improve its efficiency and flexibility in providing planning solutions across multiple departments of its global clients. EPI-USE has three decades of expertise in developing unique ERP, HCM and EPM solutions for its clients. But, with the industry progressively migrating to Cloud architecture, the company found traditional approaches for delivering new Cloud-native, multi-channel planning solutions to be inefficient by current market benchmarks. Host Analytics is a leader in Cloud-based EPM solutions.

EPI-USE will be leveraging Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite across its portfolio of solutions and services to deliver robust financial consolidation and reporting solutions that integrate and complement existing ERP systems. Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite is a powerful platform that leverages the Cloud in combination with the Microsoft technology stack. This platform brings together the perks of Cloud technology and a client’s familiarity with Microsoft technology for reporting such as Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Leveraging Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite EPI-USE consultants will be able to rapidly provide integration with SAP and non-SAP core systems and multi-channel applications. The platform has a proven track-record of being an easy to use, scalable solution that can meet a variety of business needs, for medium to large enterprises.

"In order to meet the growing demand for EPM initiatives, EPI-USE is combining leading services from its global practices with consulting services relating to Host Analytics solutions to help clients improve performance throughout their organizations. This expansion will allow us to further assist companies in how they deploy the next generation of technologies, while leveraging their existing IT investments," remarks Erik Dinsmore, Senior Director of EPM Services at EPI-USE America during an interview given to MARKETWIRED.