Ericsson Forum Emphasizes Digital Transformation

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 21, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Ericsson, a Swedish multi-national corporation recently hosted “Change Makers Forum”, an event which focused on the importance of digital transformation and the requirement to think of alternative business models to capture the opportunities brought by the Networked Society. The event was accentuated by prominent speakers around the world to discuss subjects related to the transformation of information and communications technologies, reports Adelle Geronimo, Editorial Assistant at CPI Media Group.

 Social media and digitization of information were the focal point of the discussion. Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia who was present at the event, cited the transformation Internet can bring to businesses. He said, “As the Internet continues to grow and change at exponential rates, open-source, open-content technology will affect the fundamental ways that businesses interact with customers, distributors, suppliers, and the public in the future,” Innovators who were part of the event shared common themes related to the transformation of business models across industries. One of the industries that gained attention in the discussion was the Transportation Industry, in which Magnus Olsson, Co-founder and Chief Navigator, Careem, had a presentation where he mentioned how business models are radically transforming and enabling new growth opportunities.

Various speakers who thronged the dice mentioned the benefits of social networking and encouraged new idea generators to come up with new social platforms. Ari Kesisoglu, Regional Director, Africa, Middle East and Turkey, Facebook said that “Social networks have become an imperative part of people’s lives across the world. Today, Facebook has transformed into a technology company used by over One billion people every day. Whatsapp and Messenger are used by 900 million and 700 million people respectively each month. The ability of social networking and messaging services to reach people at scale in times of emergency with streamlined communication is immense. Besides emergencies, these services will also be used by organizations to engage one-on-one with audiences and deliver real-time CRM support. As we enter a mobile first world, social networks will unlock possibilities which have a positive impact on society.”

Rafiah Ibrahim, President of Ericsson, Region Middle East and Africa, said, “At the Change-Makers Forum, we discussed the need to anticipate what the consumer wants, and create consumer needs.  In short, when disruption accelerates, we need to anticipate change and act to remain relevant.”