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Eris Industries Partners With BigchainDB to Accelerate Blockchain Technology Deployments

By CIOReview | Friday, April 22, 2016
Casey Kuhlman, CEO, Eris Industries

Casey Kuhlman, CEO, Eris Industries

FREMONT, CA: Eris Industries, a provider of open source universal blockchain platform has announced its partnership with BigchainDB, a scalable blockchain database company. The alliance is aimed at making a firm integration of the Eris blockchain application platform with BigchainDB’s blockchain database. Resultantly, the integration will enable enterprises to design scalable applications leveraging the advantages of smart contract and blockchain database technology.

Blockchain technology, a trending topic in the database solution market, is a hyper-secure record of digital events that is distributed among many different computers. The technology especially permits for transaction to be processed without a central body, while protecting against duplication and fraud. Blockchain technology is uniquely energizing the financial services industry by fulfilling their needs for consistent laws and regulations that governs them. Many financial groups are harnessing the power of this technology to slash costs and transform the way the industry functions. Blockchain Technology is further offering them the opportunity to remodel the existing banking infrastructure, speed settlements and streamline stock exchanges.

Merging the power of BigchainDB’s high throughput, high capacity and built in NoSQL querying, and Eris’ smart contract and blockchain platform, enterprises will be able to build blockchain powered applications that will enhance enterprise performance. 

“BigchainDB fills a major gap in the blockchain space with a scalable blockchain database,” said Casey Kuhlman, CEO, Eris Industries. “We’re excited to extend the capability of the Eris platform and work closely with BigchainDB to accelerate the deployment of blockchain technology.”

In essence, Eris Industries, has collaborated with BigchainDB to deploy the first-ever stack comprising of both decentralized processing and a decentralized database. The decentralized processing includes Ethereum Virtual Machine that uses the Solidity smart contracts language powered eris: runtime application engine and the Tendermint consensus engine.