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ERP and CRM Integrations Can Boost Sales, See How

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 10, 2019

FREMONT, CA: High-tech innovations in the field of sales, marketing, and product design have been creating a dramatic impact on businesses. Retailing and e-commerce industries rely on the two powerful tools, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), to not only boost sales and shoot up revenue but also to stay in tandem with the continually evolving business digitalization. Retailers can plan compelling campaigning strategies, build attractive avenues to deliver branding content and product descriptions, and develop pleasing buyer to seller policies and appealing offers to generate potential leads. Combining the capabilities of smart CRM tools with the fully digitalized ERP model, businesses can drastically boost sales to reap better revenue.

An efficient ERP system powers businesses with practical business process management benefits which include application and operation compliance, workflow automation, user and business data monitoring, enterprise asset tracking, backend process-tracking like human resource management, finance, and accounting assistance, and more. Latest ERP systems extend their services into revenue generation as well; with intelligent tech-driven features, sellers can assimilate innovative marketing ideas, and customer engagement strategies with the ERP workflow to achieve both front and backend goals.

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By integrating ERP and CRM, industries open potential opportunities to maintain a balance between processing and outcome. The hybrid technique backs the sales team by allowing the sellers to check the inventory and instantly request for stocking and restocking functions as per the need, automatically update the customers about the status of their orders, and alert the concerned authorities of the incurring changes. As the financing system of the ERP ecosystem is blended, with the CRM's user interface component, lead conversions can be directly linked, to the payment gateways for frictionless cash flow.

Sophisticated ERP-CRM platforms serve the stores with specially tailored customer engagement and relationship management solutions. Such intuitive tech-driven business practices help the enterprises in organizing customer-centered business operations and administrative procedures to improve the overall efficiency of the business model.

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