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By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 29, 2020
Kyle Smith, CEO

Kyle Smith, CEO latest solution is expected to prevent malicious online ads (malvertising) as it is a deceptive exercise that delivers the end-users with damaging digital payloads.

FREMONT, CA: hasreleasedits latest subscription-based software solution. The solution is expected to prevent malicious online ads (malvertising). Malvertising is a deceptive exercise because it delivers the end-users with damaging digital payloads. Various companies deal with this issue for a long time that consists of publishers, DSPs, SSPs, networks, and exchanges. Furthermore, malvertising can damage the reputation of the company, drain their chances of generating revenue, dissolve the user experience, and even destroy the relationship between client-company. The new anti-malvertising solution offered by Escalated is obtainable now as it comes with a no agreement, even offers a seven-day free trial.

According to the CEO of Escalated, Kyle Smith, "malvertising is an absolutely massive problem felt by every player in ad tech at this point." He further said, "it's extremely damaging to companies and is notoriously difficult to detect and fight. These attacks are usually targeted by geo, device, browser, or app; and often limited to an obscure time slot, predetermined by the malvertiser. The attacks are perfectly camouflaged because malvertisers pretend to be real advertisers, and they know exactly what they are doing. But so, do we. Escalated's technology works post-auction, which means that the ad will render, and payment is collected from the malvertiser. However, the attack-ad is ultimately blocked. Our software keeps companies safe, without removing their ad revenue."

Escalated offers a single-pixel solution that can block malicious ads as they occur while providing transparent reporting. The report highlights and recognizes the culprit who is behind it. Moreover, the organization can also collect ad payments while at the same time rejecting bad actors the prospect of stealing revenue. All these can be done just by utilizing one simple pixel. The software protection is ideal for publishers, DSPs, SSPs, ad networks, ad servers, exchanges, and trading desks.