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Essential Security Measures Before Your Company goes Cloud

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Clouds have become an integral part of organizations. Many companies understand the benefits that come with the cloud and hence are making a shift towards cloud-based infrastructure. The transformation is a good sign, but firms should ensure that migrating to a cloud does not lead to compromised security. Security is an aspect that can make or break a business, and companies should exercise due diligence when devising cloud security strategies. If security measures are not in place, companies might have to face the consequences like leakage of data, violation of privacy, and compliance issues. To make the migration to clouds secure, companies must take special care of the following aspects.

• Planning

Firms should understand their security requirements and make a perfect plan with the help of experts. This plan should provide the organization with a roadmap that would simplify the whole process of transformation to a cloud, the associated risks, and the methods to overcome challenges. Evaluation of operations and distribution of controls is an integral part of the plan. The security can be made a strong point by making an effective, and actionable plan.

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• Due diligence

Once there is a plan at hand, companies should get the associated components that are required to carry out the plans. The capabilities should be evaluated, and companies should do a thorough check of the inventory. Wherever third-party service providers are required, companies must carry out detailed investigations before handing over duties to them.

• Implementation of risk management program

Managing the overall cloud security is challenging for any enterprise, and the possibility of risks can never be ruled out from the system no matter how many measures are in place. In this context, it becomes imperative for companies to implement a risk management program. A risk management program equips a company to work out the whole security strategy.

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Digital transformations and upcoming technologies are continually working to change the way business are conducted. As technologies improve, risk management is becoming critical. Companies should put in the best efforts to make their and their customers' data secure over the cloud-based systems.