eTell - An Avant-garde Predictive Control System for Air Quality Equipment

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 11, 2015

STERLING HEIGHTS, MI: As a next step towards improving the air quality equipment, RoboVent launches eTell - an advanced predictive control system. The equipment renders improved energy efficiency, prolonged filter life and reduced operational costs by integrating with cloud based air quality control program.

The product uses advanced analytics to learn the plant’s processes and provides automated adjustments for better efficiency and lowered cost. It assists facility managers to easily monitor energy use, maintenance requirements and system usage on the eTell mobile app and dashboard, that works via Bluetooth.

“eTell moves beyond preventative maintenance and into predictive maintenance,” explains RoboVent General Manager, Jim Reid. “With eTell, plant managers don’t have to wonder when maintenance is needed. The equipment can reach out and tell them when it needs something, whether it’s a new filter or a maintenance check. It brings real peace of mind for busy managers.”

eTell marks the beginning of cloud-based predictive software for industrial air quality and dust collection systems. Its smart software continuously learns from an input, predicts and makes adjustments accordingly. Plant managers now gain greater visibility, control and efficiency.

eTell learns facility applications and processes, automatically makes simple adjustments to save energy and reduce costs, uses predictive analytics to make maintenance recommendations, sends notices and alerts to facility managers, and allows managers to track system performance on a simple mobile (or desktop) dashboard at any time - from anywhere on the planet.

“We’re committed to continuing to innovate to make clean air easy for our customers,” says Reid. “With the move to mobile, eTell is what our customers need right now. We’re always looking for opportunities to help our clients improve safety, costs and operational efficiencies.”