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EtQ upgrades Its Product Brands to Foster the Enterprise Compliance Processes

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 1, 2016

FARMINGDALE, NY: EtQ declares their product line expansion by offering three products that are integrated with cloud platforms. The three modified products are traqpath TM, VERSE Solutions TM and the Reliance TM Cloud Portal that branches under the EtQ umbrella of compliance solutions. 

"EtQ is excited to expand its umbrella of product offerings, to cover the entire market from individual compliance users with traqpath to small to medium sized businesses with VERSE Solutions to enterprise organizations with Reliance. EtQ truly has a solution for every company in the world and we are excited about our latest developments—this is only the beginning of EtQ's vision where there is an interconnected compliance community for all," says Glenn McCarty, CEO, EtQ.

The company is a well-known global supplier of Quality, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Operational risk and Compliance management software solutions that effectively eliminate high –risks of enterprises via its integrated and automated cloud platforms. The latest three products will be supporting the enterprises to extend their compliance process securely with less manual effort. EtQ’s Reliance Cloud Portal is designed to create a safe and secure environment that enhances user’s compliances processes to their external clients. The product allows company’s external clients to engage directly with the organizations’ compliance processes. VERSE in the other hand, is a Quality, EHS and Compliance Management Software solution that delivers a platform for all size of businesses. The solution comes in a reasonable price and its flexibility offers all necessary tools so that users can start it on their own terms. Its secured cloud platforms helpe the company’s compliance management software to be open for all users whereas its traqpath solution enables users to experience an easy to use compliance tracking activities for events affecting their business. While using the product user can configure it by leveraging their mobile devices and other web browsers. It is a free tool that offers basic level of compliance event tracking and promotes collaboration among internal and external stakeholders. EtQ’s traqpath is a simple event tracking and corrective action process that offers better visibility, accountability, collaboration and control options for all the end users. Its compliance management services support companies to expand their compliance process. The company also  allow  users to configure the offered process with their existing compliance processes, create new compliance, automate the processes with also the freedom to control it.