Europe a Major Importer of Israel Defense Tech
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Europe a Major Importer of Israel Defense Tech

By CIOReview | Friday, September 16, 2022

President of the European Leadership Network (ELNET) said that Europeans view Israel as a peer and as a power in the areas of national security and energy at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York.

FREMONT, CA: By the end of 2022, more than half of Israel's defence exports will go to Europe, according to the European Leadership Network (ELNET), a nonprofit organisation focused on developing relations between Europe and Israel.

Both Europe and Israel are becoming more and more dependent on one another. Half of Israel's imports come from within the country, while one-third of Israel's exports are shipped to Europe. Europe views Israel as a contender and a key participant in the national security and energy sectors. Israel is supplying the globe with innovation, energy, and national security.

European defence budgets in recent times are increasing, owing to geopolitical unrest, and Europe is playing an increasingly important role in the world. Regarding defence ties, security coordination, energy, the economy, trade, and innovation, Europe envisions Israel.

After the Hamas rocket attacks, Europe was crucial in protecting Israel's right to self-defence. 21 European nations in the EU support Israel. The value of defence exports will significantly outpace that of 2021, and data from the Defence Ministry revealed a significant increase in exports, which resulted in increased purchases by Western nations.

The Defence Ministry can provide a list of the countries purchasing Israeli weapons and defence equipment and those the defence sector views as growth markets. The Defence Ministry recently released regulations that, once they take effect, should impose limits on defence exports, although most of the material is confidential.

The laws would alter defence exports in two ways. First, they will increase the number of unclassified goods and later, they will sell without a permit by half. Next, the number of nations to which the Defence Ministry may export unclassified goods without a licence is growing. Again, the government declined to provide the list of approved nations when requested.

If 2022 surpasses the previous year's record for defence exports, it is evident that the upcoming year will follow the same, given the regulatory loosening.