Event Organizers can now make Smarter Decisions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Mark DiCristina, Director of Marketing, MailChimp

Mark DiCristina, Director of Marketing, MailChimp

Fremont, CA: MailChimp, a leading provider of email marketing and automation capabilities, has collaborated with Salesforce, Bizzabo and Slack in order to help the event organizers make smarter and better decisions. The partnership will allow event management companies to enhance and streamlining of their core business functions that include marketing, sales and operations.

MailChimp helps the event management companies in designing, sending and tracking emails. MailChimps open API gives customers the power to build deep integration with the other web services like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Salesforce, Shopify and more. “We are in a unique position of being able to balance an intuitive interface that is accessible to users of any skill level, combined with a deep and powerful set of features that can support business sending millions of email in a month.”

Through the integration of MailChimp with Salesforce, Bizzabo and Slack, the firm provides further benefits to their client company’s event management organizations. The organizers of the professional events will now integrate their software with the other essential tools from Salesforce, MailChimp and Slack. Through this, the event organizers will also be able to achieve better functionality to synchronize data, analyze event performance, and communicate with team members. Bizzabo Co-Founder and CMO, Alon Alroy says, “Our new integrations represent a big step forward in helping our customers become even more data driven. By enabling their data to flow more seamlessly between their suite of tools, we are helping them tell better stories and create better experiences.”

The integration with the Salesforce and MailChimp allows the organizers to be able to identify their prospects, customers, and contacts in order to measure their ROI. The integration with MailChimp, and Bizzabo helps the organizers achieve complete segmentation, personalization, capture and analysis for their event marketing email campaigns. This in turn can enable the organizers to experience improved conversion rates and increased registrations and help the organizers to view how an event is performing, in real time.