EventForte to Deliver All-In-One Solution for Event Management In Hospitality Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: EventForte, a provider of cloud-based event management solution, is geared to apply data science technologies to every lifecycle of the event management process in the hospitality industry.

The company is going to release their cloud-based event management app soon that integrates key planner tools such as event diagramming, seating, and guest management.

Data Science is the extraction of knowledge from large volumes of data that are structured or unstructured. Data science techniques promise to provide deeper insights into the best practices of the industry to assist event planners in creating meaningful and engaging event experiences.

“Currently, many event planners manually work across four to seven disparate tools during the event planning lifecycle, which can be a frustrating experience. This is prevalent because event technology hasn’t yet developed to a point where a highly integrated solution is feasible. We believe that comprehensive data science integration will be the key to enabling the innovative all-in-one solutions event planners require at affordable price points,” said Ankit Gupta, President, EventForte.