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Eventure Interactive Announces Prototype of New Wireless SmartSeen Camera

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 8, 2015

COSTA MESA, CA: Eventure Interactive, a social application and technology development company announces the prototype of SmartSeen, a wirelessly connected camera and streaming hub system that facilitates the capture and social sharing of photos and videos while using Eventure’s Social Calendaring app.

SmartSeen platform helps users to more easily capture and navigate their memories in photo and video sequences by date, time and location and thus a digital storyline is recreated which can be retrieved  via Eventure’s social calendar app.

SmartSeen offers a different way we look at things, helps in capturing the life sequences in a mesmerized manner.

Eventure’s SmartSeen hub leverages Eventure’s Patent – US Patent No. 8,769,610 – that is centered on passive auto-check-in using “geo-fencing” that allows event participants to form a private network for the purpose of selectively sharing pictures, videos and messaging to create meaningful memories.

“Eventure’s objective with SmartSeen is to have a highly competitive camera offering that includes some of the latest technologies, including 4K video, H.264 codec, 16 megapixel photos, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth compatibility, and other user-desired features that add to creating the best event experience for our users,” says Ryan Fuller, Eventure Interactive, Creative Director.