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Evoko Rolls Out Evoko Naso, Its Workplace Management Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Evoko Naso will be vital for many organizations to manage their return to work safely and hassle-free and streamline their floorplans for productivity and cost-efficiency.

FREMONT, CA: Evoko Unlimited, makers of the Evoko Liso and Evoko Pusco workplace management and workplace communication solutions, plans to launch its latest offering, the Evoko Naso. The Evoko Naso is now ready to ship and will enable Evoko to enter the desk booking arena in time to help firms and their remote workers to handle the return-to-work phase as the world is entering the new normal. Users can book any type of space, as well as request services like catering or deliverable AV equipment, and schedule other resources, all through their mobile devices.

Guest and visitor management is another valuable piece of the Naso offering, and robust reporting will help contact tracing as firms and employees continue to navigate these uncertain times. Customers can select between three Naso packages Rose, Pepper, and Guava, to get the combination of feature sets they need.  The Naso will be flexible and scalable to accommodate work environments of all sorts and sizes.

Evoko expects that, since a significant majority of workers say they'll want to be able to work from the office as well as remotely post-pandemic, the Naso will allow them to do so seamlessly. In addition to the mobile app making desk booking and other functions rapid and simple for users, the Naso will also offer comprehensive metrics and statistics, enabling companies to better handle their real estate footprints after reconfiguring leases and office space as the pandemic subsides and the world of flexible working continues to achieve favor.

Evoko notes that the Naso will not replace the Liso room booking solution. The Evoko Liso is still a premium on-prem solution for those who want to host their room booking solution on their premises, whereas the Naso is a hosted cloud solution. They've just released version 2.5 for the Liso and have also made enhancements to Evoko Booking, their multi-tenant room scheduling system combined with the Liso and ideal for co-working spaces.  In adding the Naso to their suite of solutions, Evoko is committed to providing superior technology and making a positive impact on the modern workplace.